Network Provider Services

Network Provider Services


Become a Therapy Resources Network Provider

Therapy Resources is always looking to expand our network of professional behavioral health providers. We offer full practice management services and support the continued success of your private practice.

I started Therapy Resources of Morris County, LLC (TRMC) in October of 2012 when I made the decision to resign from a community mental health center and pursue my goal of private practice. I started as a solo practice but was soon contacted by several colleagues who were also interested in private practice in varying degrees. Having recently experienced the difficult and time consuming effort of starting a practice, I was able to navigate my colleagues through the process in starting their own private practice under the umbrella of TRMC which alleviated much of the administrative burden and business aspects of starting and managing a practice, allowing them to focus on what they do best, therapy.

My vision for TRMC is to provide access to private practice and to help grow many individual private practices under TRMC as, internally, a behavioral health practice management company, and externally as a regional behavioral health practice with a large professional network of practitioners that have been screened and evaluated to ensure the highest standards, exceptional client service, and provide confidence to those in need of our services that they will find the care they are looking for within our network. Our first office is in Morristown, NJ. Our vision is to open additional offices throughout New Jersey.

As an independent provider under TRMC, your practice is your practice. TRMC will earn a monthly fixed management fee by among many things, providing the back office administration of your practice and in assisting in the development and success of your practice. This model allows the network therapist to achieve autonomy and the many benefits of private practice while being supported by a full service management organization.


Why Therapy Resources?

Because we are dedicated to the field of behavioral health and know that there is a large population of underserviced consumers that are in need of trusted, professional, reliable and experienced therapists. We also know that private practice, while rewarding, is challenging and creates significant barriers to entry that Therapy Resources is driven to eliminate. By expanding the availability of therapists through our practice management and large professional network, we can increase access to behavioral health services.

If you are looking to start a private behavioral health practice and are interested in finding out more about becoming a Therapy Resources network provider, please contact Cheryl Garodnick at

Intercultural Counseling Environment

The Therapy Resources Network environment provides unique experiences for the counselor. Our environment integrates an inclusion model related to learning and experiencing intercultural counseling practices. This initiative is lead by Dorian Head, LPC, ACS, who is identified as our Intercultural Policy Advocate for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion providing Advisement and Education to Counselors.

More specifically, an Intercultural Policy Advocate is a professional who educates, advises and oversees counselors within a practice on multicultural issues related to diversity, equality, and inclusion as well as what works with the behavioral health population in the community.

The Inclusion Model consists of the following:

Social Identity Dev Model          Stages of Social Identity Dev

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