Michelle Durkin

Michelle Durkin, MA, LAC, NCC

Michelle Durkin is a Licensed Associate Counselor and Certified School Counselor. While Michelle currently works in a middle school setting, she has years of experience at the high school level as well. In addition, for nearly five years Michelle has taught undergraduate psychology classes that allow her to share a love for teaching, counseling, and professional experience with others in various settings. Michelle's background has given her great insight into the complex challenges children, adolescents, and young adults face today.

While balancing and prioritizing all aspects of one's wellness is not always easy, it is certainly attainable. Guiding clients toward goals has become a focus of Michelle's work in the counseling setting as she has seen just how impactful goal achievement can be. She believes that past experiences do not necessarily define who individual's are, nor does it have to predict one's future.

Using techniques such as Mindfulness and Cognitive Restructuring of negative thoughts, Michelle works with clients to better understand presenting concerns to help them learn how to live more healthy and productive lives.




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