Kacey Konwiser, LPC

Kacey Konwiser, LPC


Kacey has been in the counseling field for the past fifteen years. Her area of expertise is in interpersonal relationships. Using an integrated therapeutic approach, she connects with her clients to help develop a keen understanding of themselves, how they view the world and how that view has led them to where they are today. That understanding can then help pave the way to the creation of a life that might be closer to enhanced satisfaction.

She works with couples, using mainly Imago Therapy, to enhance the connection as well as to help couples understand that safety and individuality can exist in a relationship. 

Kacey's other area of interest is  working with adults in a variety of life transitions to empower them to help improve their quality of life. This might include aging, empty nest, menopause, cancer survivor, divorce, issues with personal and/or professional relationships and mid life crisis. These issues can create anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss. She uses a variety of techniques to help enable the client to see and understand other options and possibilities.

She has a divorce mediation certification and works with couples in the initial stages, meaning teaching couples how to talk with each other in a more productive way so that divorce mediation has a chance to work.

She believes the therapist must understand the true life of the client. That understanding, actually trying to walk in the clients shoes, will allow the therapist to see and experience as the clients does. In that way, the therapist assists the client's in improving his or her own world.



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