IDRC Participation

 IDRC Participation
(Intoxicated Driver Resource Center)

Therapy Resources of Morris County, LLC offers Substance Abuse and Mental Health Evaluations for men and women who have recently completed either the 12 or 48 hour IDRC program and are required to follow up with an Evaluation to determine treatment needs, if any. 

Therapy Resources MC follows strict NJ State guidelines related to IDRC involvement inclusive of the following information:

“The education program, which is part of the 12 and 48 hour IDRC, contains information on social and problem drinking, stages of alcoholism, family and other relationships, alcohol and drugs and their effects on driving ability, and the New Jersey Intoxicated Driving Law.”

“You may be referred to a treatment program or self-help group for alcohol or drug problems. If you are clinically determined to have a need for substance abuse treatment, you will need to complete a minimum of 16 weeks of treatment. The IDRC may require monitored treatment or self-help group attendance for a maximum of one year. You must complete this treatment as part of your sentence.”

“Your driving privilege will be restored when you have satisfied all court and MVC-imposed suspensions and if you are in compliance with all IDRC requirement."       

Therapy Resources MC has Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADC) to provide individual therapy or group psychotherapy to those individuals identified as eligible for treatment services.

Individual therapy utilizes evidence-based integrated dual diagnosis treatment to address co-occurring mental health symptoms most often related to the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

Group psychotherapy provides a peer support environment that allows for evidence-based group therapy to address psychosocial needs for this population

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